Install archlinux

  1. down the archlinux from the netword and make the USB booter through the ubuntu dd

  2. change the computer bios to boot from the USB

  3. choose the first option Archlinux

  4. make sure the internat connection. you can use ping to check the internat status. If you use the ether, you can make sure the dhpdc service is active and start. And maybe you only use the wireless, you can use iw and wpa_supplicant

  5. you can select the best mirrorlist from /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist, and delete the others. As my test, the aliyun, 163 and utcn are good. At the end, you can text the pacman -Syy to update the list.

  6. Now you can do partition. I make /boot, /home, /, and /swap. Because the windows 10 OS has been installed, so there is the efi/boot. This step I use the fdisk -l to view the detail of the partition of system, and use the cfdisk to create the new partition.

  7. You must format the new partition, use the mkft.ext4 and mkswap and swapon.

  8. mount the root to /mnt. The home and boot, you must mkdir it and mount them.

  9. Install the base and base-devel to the system, it spent more or less 10 minutes.

  10. set the system clock and local parameter.

Install i3-wm at the Arch OS.